§78-3. Intent;
Jurisdiction; Liability.
A. It is the intent of this article to prescribe regulations consistent with nationally recognized good
practice for the safeguarding of life and property within the unincorporated limits of
County from
the hazards of fire
and explosion arising from
the storage, handling and use of
hazardous substances, materials and devices, and from
hazardous conditions in the use or
occupancy of buildings or premises.
These regulations shall also be controlling within the corporate limits
of any municipality
within Henderson County upon request by resolution from
the governing body of the
and upon approval of the Board of County Commissioners
by resolution or
C. This article shall not be construed to hold the County responsible for any damage to persons or
property by reason of the inspection or reinspection authorized herein or failure to inspect or
reinspect or the permits issued or denied as herein provided or by reason of the approval
disapproval of any equipment authorized herein.