Chapter 78
Fire Prevention
Article I - General Provisions
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County.  Amended 6-6-1994;
1998; 9-5-2000; 5-6-2002; 6-24-2015]
§ 78-1. Authority. 
This article is adopted pursuant to N.C.G.S. 153A-121 and 143-138(e). 
§ 78-2. Title. 
This article shall be known as the "Fire Prevention Ordinance of Henderson County, North Carolina," and
may be cited as such and referred to herein as "this article."  
§78-3. Intent;
Jurisdiction; Liability.
It is the intent of this article to prescribe regulations consistent with nationally recognized good
practice for the safeguarding of life and property within the unincorporated limits of Henderson
County from
the hazards of fire
and explosion arising from the storage, handling and use of
hazardous substances, materials and devices, and from
hazardous conditions in the use or
occupancy of buildings or premises.
These regulations shall also be controlling within the corporate limits
of any municipality
within Henderson County upon request by resolution from the governing body of the
and upon approval of the Board of County Commissioners by resolution or
This article shall not be construed to hold the County responsible for any damage to persons or
property by reason of the inspection or reinspection authorized herein or failure to inspect or
reinspect or the permits issued or denied as herein provided or by reason of the approval or
disapproval of any equipment authorized herein.
§ 78-4. Enforcement Officials. 
The Fire Prevention Ordinance of Henderson County and the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code shall be
enforced by the Henderson County Fire Marshal, the Deputy Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshals as
certified by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board or as otherwise provided herein by
Henderson County policies.
§ 78-5. Adoption of Technical Codes and Standards by Reference; Copies on File; Amendments. 
There is hereby adopted by reference and incorporated herein that certain code known as 
and entitled "North Carolina Fire Prevention Code." Copies of the Fire Prevention 
Ordinance of Henderson County and all technical codes and standards adopted by 
reference shall be filed with and available for public inspection in the offices of the Fire 
Amendments to codes and standards adopted by reference herein which are adopted and 
published by the North Carolina State Building Code Council shall be effective in 
Henderson County at the time such amendments become a part of the North Carolina Fire
Prevention Code.   
§ 78-6. Inspections.
Subject to the limitations and conditions stated in the North Carolina State Building Code, it shall be
the duty of the Fire Marshal to inspect or to cause to be inspected on the schedule set by the Board of
Commissioners, or more frequently as deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal pursuant to all relevant North
Carolina codes all buildings, structures and premises within his jurisdiction for the purposes of ascertaining
and causing to be corrected any condition which may cause fire or explosion or endanger life from fire or
explosion or any violations of the provisions of this article.
All fees assessed under this Article for inspections shall be paid in full to the County by the owner of the
real property upon which the inspection takes place within thirty (30) days of inspection of the later to
occur of the mailing of an invoice for the same to such owner or the hand delivery of such invoice to the
person in apparent control of the premises inspected at the time of such inspection.
§ 78-7. Permits.  
Fire prevention permits. 
This article shall require permits from the Fire Marshal as set forth in Chapter 1 
of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code. Such required permits include, but 
are not limited to, permits for open burning.  
It shall be the duty of the Fire Marshal, the Deputy Fire Marshal and Assistant 
Fire Marshals to evaluate applications and issue, if approved, all permits for 
those conditions as prescribed in Chapter 1 of the North Carolina Fire 
Prevention Code and this article.  
No person shall maintain, store or handle materials or conduct processes which 
produce conditions hazardous to life or property or install equipment used in 
connection with such activities without first obtaining a permit as required by 
the Fire Marshal and prescribed in the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code of 
the North Carolina State Building Code and this article. Before a permit may be 
issued, the Fire Marshal shall inspect and approve the receptacles, vehicles, 
buildings, structures, storage areas, devices, processes and conditions related to 
the permit.  
A permit may be revoked pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 1 of the North 
Carolina Fire Prevention Code. Any person may appeal said revocation to the 
Henderson County Board of Commissioners within 30 days.  
To provide for efficient, timely handling of duties set forth in N.C.G.S. 14-284, 
14-410 and 14-413, and with greater convenience to the public, authority is 
granted to the Fire Marshal to act as the agent of the Board of Commissioners to
approve/disapprove the issuance of permits and licenses for the storage of 
explosives and the exhibition of pyrotechnics at public celebrations.  
Each mandatory permit or permit required by Chapter 1 of the North Carolina 
Fire Prevention Code shall be assessed a fee of $50. Operational permits shall 
require annual renewal, and such renewal is subject to the permit fee of $50.    
Other permits. This article shall not exempt a person who has obtained a permit pursuant 
to this article from any other permits required by other state, federal and local laws.   
§ 78-8. Service of Orders or Notices.  
The service of orders or notices for the correction of violations of this article shall be 
made upon the owner, occupant or other person responsible for the conditions, either by 
personally delivering a copy of the same to such person or by delivering the same to and 
leaving it with any person in charge of the premises or by sending a copy of the order or 
notice by certified or registered mail to the owner's last known address.  
When buildings or other premises are occupied by one other than the owner under a lease
or other agreement, the orders or notices issued to correct violations of this article arising 
out of operations conducted on the premises shall apply to the occupant thereof, provided
that, where the order or notices require making of additions to or changes in the premises 
themselves which may become part of the real property of the owner, then in such cases, 
the orders or notices shall also be issued to the owner of the premises or real property. 
Failure to deliver an order or notice to the owner, if other than the occupant, shall not 
invalidate any order or notice duly served on the occupant. 
§ 78-9. Enforcement. 
This article and the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code may be enforced by any methods authorized by
N.C.G.S. 153A-123. Such methods shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures outlined in
Henderson County Code, Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article II. See also Article II, Violations and
Penalties, of this Chapter 78, which includes the applicable penalty schedule.  
§ 78-10. Removal of Vehicles. 
Any vehicle found obstructing any fire hydrant, fire protection equipment, designated and marked fire lane
or fire station may be removed or towed away by or under the direction of the Fire Marshal to a storage
area or private garage. The owner of such vehicle shall be deemed to have appointed the Fire Marshal as
his agent for the purpose of arranging for the transportation and safe storage of the vehicle. The owner of
such vehicle, before obtaining possession thereof, shall pay all reasonable costs incidental to the removal
and storage of the vehicle due for the violation of prohibited parking.  
§ 78-11. Emergency Entry.  
The Fire Marshal or his authorized representatives shall have the right to enter any 
building or premises without permission or warrant in the event of any emergency 
situation constituting an immediate threat to human life,
property or the public safety for 
the purpose of eliminating, controlling or abating the dangerous condition or situation.  
If entry or access is denied so as to limit the authorized duties of this article, the Fire 
Marshal or his authorized representatives shall seek and obtain an administrative search 
warrant pursuant to N.C.G.S. 15-27.2.   
§ 78-12. Investigations of Fires.  
Each Fire Chief shall be responsible for determining the origin, cause and circumstances 
of every fire occurring within his/her fire district. The Fire Marshal shall investigate, or 
cause to be investigated, the origin, cause and circumstances of a fire in the County 
when: the fire involves injury or loss of life to any person; incendiarism is suspected; the 
Fire Department having jurisdiction over the fire requests such investigation; or  
circumstances warrant an investigation. Each investigation shall begin as soon after the 
occurrence of the fire as practical. Any information obtained pursuant to any such 
investigation shall be confidential as authorized by N.C.G. S. Chapter 58, Article 79. 
The Sheriff's Department, upon request of the Fire Marshal or his authorized 
representatives, may render such assistance as necessary in the investigation of any fire. 
The law enforcement agency having jurisdiction shall be promptly advised of incidents 
where incendiarism or other illegal activities are discovered.  
§ 78-13. Records. 
Each Fire Department shall compile records of fire alarms and other responses and forward these records to
the Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal's office shall maintain these records and forward them to the North
Carolina Fire Commission as prescribed in N.C.G.S.,
Chapter 58, Article 79.
All such records shall be
considered public records.  
§ 78-14. Fire Hazards. 
No person shall knowingly maintain a fire hazard.  
§ 78-15. Prohibited Acts. 
Violations of this Article I shall be prohibited. In addition, but not by way of limitation, no person shall
deliberately, or through carelessness or negligence, set fire to or cause the burning of any material in such a
manner as to endanger the safety of any person or property or violate a burning ban imposed by the Fire
§ 78-16. Conflict with Other Laws. 
Nothing in this article shall be construed to conflict with N.C. G. S.,
Chapter 95, Article 18, as enacted and
as may be amended from time to time. 
§ 78-16.1. Burning Bans.  The Fire Marshal has the authority to impose a burning ban on any and all
property within the jurisdiction of this chapter in order to protect such property and persons from the
devastating effects of fire during adverse conditions. A burning ban imposed by the Fire Marshal shall be
immediately effective without notice to the public and supersedes any permits that had been issued prior to
the imposition of the burning ban; however, the Fire Marshal shall make reasonable efforts to communicate
the imposition of the burning ban to the citizens and properties affected.   
Article II - Violations and Penalties  
§ 78-17. Penalty Schedule. 
The following civil penalties are hereby approved, adopted and imposed for each violation of Article I of
this Chapter and/or the referenced chapters of the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code.  
Violations not covered by the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code: as set forth in 
Henderson County Code, Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article II.  
Violations covered by the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code: 
Dollar Amount     
(See also Subsection C below)   
General Precautions  
Emergency Planning and Preparedness  
Fire Service Features  
Building Services and Systems  
Fire Resistance-Rated Construction  
Interior Finish, Decorative Mat. & Furn.  
Fire Protection Systems  
Means of Egress  
Aviation Facilities  
Combustible Dust-Producing Operations  
Fire Safety during Const. and Demo.  
Flammable Finishes  
Fruit and Crop Ripening    
Fumigation & Thermal Insecticide Fogging   $50    
Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities  
Lumberyards & Woodworking Facilities  
Manufacturing of Organic Coatings  
Industrial Ovens  
Service Stations & Repair Garages  
Hi-Piled Combustible Storage  
Tents & Other Membrane Structures  
Tire Rebuilding & Tire Storage  
Welding & Other Hot Work  
Haz-Mat General Provisions  
Combustible Fibers  
Compressed Gases  
Corrosive Materials  
Cryogenic Fluids  
Explosives and Fireworks  
Flammable and Combustible Liquids  
Flammable Gases  
Flammable Solids  
Highly Toxic & Toxic Materials  
Liquefied Petroleum Gases  
Organic Peroxides  
Pyrophoric Materials  
Pyroxylin (Cellulose Nitrate) Plastics  
Unstable (Reactive) Materials  
Water-Reactive Solids & Liquids   
In addition to any applicable penalty, for violations that involve the failure to obtain or 
maintain a permit required by Article I of this Chapter or by the North Carolina Fire 
Prevention Code, where appropriate, the violator must obtain or renew such required 
permit and pay the associated permit fee.     
§ 78-18. Through
78- 40. (Reserved).