§ 77-6. Operation of Franchise; Sale or Transfer.  
Each franchised ambulance service shall comply at all times with the requirements of this
Chapter, the franchise granted hereunder and all applicable state and local laws relating to
health, sanitation, safety, equipment and ambulance design and all other laws and 
ordinances. Each franchised ambulance service shall also comply at all times with the 
then-current Henderson County Emergency Services program. Each franchised 
ambulance service shall be provided with a copy of this program and all its requirements 
at the time of the grant of its franchise, and shall be provided with copies of all 
amendments to the program. 
Prior approval of the County shall be required where ownership or control of more than 
10% of the right of control of the franchisee is acquired by a person or group of persons 
acting in concert, none of whom own or control 10% or more of such right of control, 
singularly or collectively, at the date of the franchise. By its acceptance of the franchise, 
the franchisee specifically agrees that any such acquisition occurring without prior 
approval of the County shall constitute a violation of the franchise by the franchisee and 
shall be cause for termination at the option of the County.  
Any change of ownership of a franchised ambulance service without the approval of the 
County shall terminate the franchise and shall require a new application and a new 
franchise and conformance with all the requirements of this chapter as upon original 
No franchise may be sold, assigned, mortgaged or otherwise transferred without the 
approval of the County and a finding of conformance with all requirements of this 
chapter as upon original franchising. Each franchised ambulance service, its equipment 
and the premises designated in the application, and all records relating to its maintenance 
and operation, as such, shall be open to inspection by the state, the County or their 
designated representatives.  
No official entry made upon a franchise may be defeated, removed or obliterated.