§ 77-5. Term of Franchise.  
The County may issue a franchise hereunder to an owner of an ambulance service, to be 
valid for a term to be determined by the County, provided that either, as its option, may 
terminate the franchise upon 60 days' prior written notice to the other party. After a 
notice of service termination is given, the ambulance service shall reapply for a franchise 
if continued service is desired.  
If any franchisee shall violate or fail to comply with any provision of this Chapter or a 
franchise issued hereunder, said franchisee shall be cited by the County for said violation 
or failure to comply. The County, after a hearing pursuant to the citation, may impose a 
civil penalty as provided in § 77-13 hereinafter or may suspend or revoke the franchise. 
If, upon such hearing, the County shall find that the franchisee has corrected any 
deficiencies and has brought the operation into compliance with the provisions of this 
Chapter, the franchise may not be suspended, revoked, or a civil penalty as provided 
in § 77-13 hereinafter may be imposed.
Upon suspension, revocation or termination of a franchise granted hereunder, such 
franchised ambulance service immediately shall cease operations. Upon suspension, 
revocation or termination of a driver's license or medical responders certificate or 
emergency medical technician certificate, such person shall cease to drive an ambulance 
or provide medical care in conjunction with an ambulance service or attend an 
ambulance, and no person shall employ or permit such individual to drive an ambulance 
or provide medical care in conjunction with an ambulance service.