§ 77-4. Grant of Franchise.  
Prior to accepting applications from applicants for the operation of an ambulance service,
the Board of Commissioners may designate specific service areas as franchise districts. 
Said districts will be established on criteria that include geographic size, road access, and 
the location of existing medical transportation services, population and response time. 
The Board of Commissioners shall have the authority to redistrict or rearrange existing 
districts at any time at its discretion.  
An applicant may apply for a franchise to operate a nonemergency transportation service.
Emergency transportation services will be provided pursuant to Section 77-2, Subsection 
C (1) of this Chapter.  
Upon receipt of an application for a franchise, the County may schedule a time and place 
for hearing the applicant. Within 90 days after the hearing, the County shall cause such 
investigation as it may deem necessary to be made of the applicant and his proposed 
A franchise may be granted if the County finds that:  
The public convenience and necessity require the proposed ambulance service 
and the franchise will benefit the County.  
Each such ambulance of the applicant, his required equipment and the premises 
designated in the application has been certified by the County and the State of 
North Carolina.  
Only duly licensed ambulance attendants and emergency medical technicians 
are employed in such capacities.
The franchise will provide services and equipment the County does not or 
cannot provide and will not adversely affect current operations financially or