§ 77-2. Franchise Required.  
No person, either as owner, agent or otherwise, shall furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, 
advertise or otherwise be engaged in or profess to be engaged in the business or service 
of emergency and/or nonemergency transportation of patients within the County of 
Henderson unless the person holds a valid permit for each ambulance used in such 
business or service issued by the Office of Emergency Medical Services of the North 
Carolina Department of Human Resources and an ambulance provider license and has 
been granted a franchise for the operation of such business or service by the County 
pursuant to this Chapter.
No person shall operate an ambulance or drive, attend or permit a vehicle to be operated 
for ambulance purposes within the County of Henderson unless he or she holds a 
currently valid certificate as an ambulance attendant or emergency medical technician 
issued by the State of North Carolina, except pursuant to a mutual aid agreement entered 
into between Henderson County and an agency or entity licensed under standards 
comparable to those employed in this Chapter. 
No franchise shall be required for:  
Any entity rendering assistance at the request of Henderson County in the case 
of a major catastrophe or other emergency situation for which the services of 
Henderson County are insufficient or unable to cope. 
Any entity operated from a location or headquarters outside of Henderson 
County in order to transport patients who are picked up beyond the limits of 
Henderson County, but no such entity shall be used to pick up patients 
within the County of Henderson for transporting to locations within the County 
of Henderson unless it is rendering assistance as referred to in Subsection C (1). 
Law enforcement personnel.  
County-owned and -operated ambulances. 
Hospital transportation services for the purpose of patient transfer in which the 
service is exclusively owned and operated by one of the hospitals involved.  
Medical air ambulances which are properly licensed to provide emergency 
medical transportation services.