§ 77-12. Rates and Charges.  
The franchisee must keep on file with the Henderson County Office of Emergency 
Medical Services its current rate schedule for services provided in accordance with the 
franchise. The franchisee is expressly prohibited from charging any rate of service that 
exceeds the comparable rate of service charged by Henderson County without first 
obtaining specific approval from the Henderson County Board of Commissioners. 
No ambulance service shall attempt to collect rates on emergency calls until the patient 
has reached the point of destination, has received medical attention and is in a condition 
deemed by the physician fit to consult with the ambulance service, but such service may 
attempt to collect rates with the family or guardian of the patient once the patient is in the
process of receiving medical attention.  
On nonemergency calls, or calls where a person requires transportation to a 
nonemergency facility, attempts to collect payment can be made before the ambulance 
begins its trip.