§ 77-11. Records. 
Each franchisee shall maintain the following records:  
Record of dispatch, which shall show the time the call, was received, the time the 
ambulance dispatched, the time arrived on the scene, the time arrived at destination, the 
time in service and the time returned to base.  
Trip record, which shall state all information required in Subsection A, in addition to the 
patient's address and telephone number, condition of the patient, type of medical 
assistance administered before reaching the hospital, total trip miles, schedule of charges 
and the name of the attendant and the driver. The trip record shall be so designated as to 
provide the patient with a copy thereof containing all required information. A copy of the
trip record may serve as a receipt for any charges made.  
Daily report log, which shall be maintained for the purpose of identifying more than 1 
person transported in any 1 day.  
Daily driver and attendant checklist and inspection report, which shall list contents and 
description of operations for each vehicle, signed by the individual verifying vehicle 
operations and equipment.  
Monthly activities report, which shall be submitted as requested to the Henderson County
Emergency Medical Services.