§ 76-6.  Emergency Management Plans.  
Comprehensive emergency management plans shall be adopted and maintained by 
resolution of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners. In the preparation of these 
plans as they pertain to County organization, it is intended that the services, equipment, 
facilities and personnel of all existing departments and agencies shall be utilized to the 
fullest extent. When approved, it shall be the duty of all departments and agencies to 
perform the functions assigned by these plans and to maintain their portions of the plans 
in a current state of readiness at all times. These plans shall have the effect of law 
whenever a disaster, as defined in this article, has been proclaimed.  
The Coordinator shall prescribe in the emergency plans those positions within the disaster
organization, in addition to his own, for which lines of succession are necessary. In each 
instance, the responsible person will designate and keep on file with the Coordinator a 
current list of three persons as successors to his position. The list will be in order of 
succession and will nearly as possible designate persons best capable of carrying out all 
assigned duties and functions.  
Each agency director and department head assigned responsibility in the plans shall be 
responsible for carrying out all duties and functions assigned therein. Duties will include 
the organization and training of assigned employees and, where needed, volunteers. Each
agency director or department head shall formulate the standing operating procedure to 
implement the plans for his service.  
Amendments to these plans shall be submitted to the Coordinator. If approved, the 
Coordinator will then submit the amendments to the Henderson County Board of 
Commissioners with his recommendation for their approval. Such amendments shall take
effect on the date of approval, unless otherwise specified by the Board of Commissioners.  
When a required competency or skill for a disaster function is not available within 
government, the Coordinator is authorized to seek assistance from persons outside of 
government. The assignment of duties, when of a supervisory nature, shall also include 
the granting of authority for the persons so assigned to carry out such duties prior to, 
during and after the occurrence of a disaster. Such services from persons outside of 
government may be accepted on a volunteer basis. Such citizens shall be enrolled as 
emergency management volunteers.