§ 76-5.  Powers and Duties of Coordinator. 
The Coordinator shall be responsible to the Henderson County Board of Commissioners through the
Henderson County Manager in regard to all phases of emergency management activity. The Coordinator
shall be responsible for the planning, coordination and operation of the emergency management activities
in Henderson County. The Coordinator shall maintain liaison with the state and federal authorities and the
authorities of nearby political subdivisions so as to ensure the most effective operation of the emergency
management plans. The Coordinator's duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:  
Coordinating the recruitment of volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the 
personnel and facilities of the County of Henderson for emergency management 
Developing and coordinating plans for the immediate use of all facilities, equipment, 
manpower and other resources of the County for the purpose of minimizing or preventing
damage to persons and property and protecting and restoring to usefulness governmental 
services and public utilities necessary for the public health, safety and welfare.  
Negotiating standing agreements with owners or persons in control of buildings or other 
property for emergency management purposes, including use as public shelters, for 
approval by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners. In an emergency or disaster
situation, the Emergency Management Coordinator shall have discretion and authority to 
designate other buildings and property for emergency management purposes and to 
negotiate with the owner of such property concerning such use; however, the Emergency 
Management Coordinator shall be required to make a full accounting to the Henderson 
County Board of Commissioners of expenditures, if any, associated with such 
designation at the next regular Board of Commissioners meeting following the 
conclusion of the emergency/disaster.  
Through public informational programs, educating the populace as to actions necessary 
and required for the protection of their persons and property in case of enemy attack or 
disaster as defined herein, either impending or present.  
Conducting public practice exercises to ensure the efficient operation of the emergency 
management forces and to familiarize residents with emergency management regulations,
procedures and operations.  
Coordinating the activity of all other public and private agencies engaged in any 
emergency management activities.