§ 76-4.  Organization and Appointments
The organization shall consist of the following:  
An Agency of Emergency Management within the Executive Department of the 
Henderson County government under the direction of the Henderson County 
Board of Commissioners through the County Manager. The agency head of the 
Henderson County Emergency Management Agency shall be known as the 
"Coordinator," and such assistants and other employees as are deemed necessary
for the proper functioning of the Agency will be appointed.  
The employees and resources of all Henderson County departments, boards, 
institutions and councils shall participate in the emergency management 
activities. Duties assigned to County departments shall be the same as or similar 
to the normal duties of the department, where possible.  
Volunteer personnel and agencies offering service to, and accepted by, the 
The Henderson County Board of Commissioners shall appoint a Coordinator of the 
Henderson County Emergency Management Agency who shall be a person well-versed 
and trained in planning operations involving the activities of many different agencies 
which will operate to protect the public health, safety and welfare in the event of danger 
from enemy action or disaster as defined in this article.  
The Coordinator shall designate and appoint Deputy Coordinators to assume the 
emergency duties of the Coordinator in the event of his absence or inability to act.