§ 76-2.  Purpose; Coordinating Agency; County Departments and Volunteer Agencies.  
It is the intent and purpose of this article to establish an office that will ensure the 
complete and efficient utilization of all of the County of Henderson's resources to combat
disaster resulting from enemy actions or other disasters as defined herein.  
The Henderson County Office of Emergency Management will be the coordinating 
agency for all activity in connection with emergency management. It will be the  
instrument through which the Henderson County Board of Commissioners may exercise 
the authority and discharge the responsibilities vested in it during disaster emergencies.  
This article will not relieve any County department of the moral responsibilities or 
authority given to it by the North Carolina General Statutes or by local ordinances, nor 
will it adversely affect the work of any volunteer agency organized for relief in disaster 
This article shall apply to any municipality upon specific request of the governing body 
of the municipality and consent of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners 
through an interlocal agreement pursuant to N.C.G.S. Chapter 160A, Article 20. In such 
event, the Emergency Management Coordinator shall have the same powers and duties 
with respect to the municipality as he/she does for the County.