Attachment 2
Proclamation Terminating a County State of Emergency
Section 1.
On ____________________, 201__     at _____ (a.m./p.m.), I determined and proclaimed
a local state of emergency for the County of Henderson, North Carolina.
Section 2.
On ____________________, 201__  at ______ (a.m./p.m.), I ordered the evacuation of
all civilians from the area, imposed a curfew, prohibited alcoholic beverages, firearms, ammunition and
explosives and ordered the execution of the emergency reaction plan.
Section 3.
I have determined that a state of emergency no longer exists in the County of Henderson. 
Section 4.
I thereby terminate the proclamation of a local state of emergency and all of the
restrictions and orders therein.
Section 5.
This proclamation is effective immediately.
Proclaimed this the __________ day of ____________________, 201__at _____ (a.m. /p.m.)
Henderson County Manager