Chapter 5
Mutual Aid Agreements
Article I - Law Enforcement Agencies
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County. Amended 5-4-1987; 11-18-1998]
§ 5-1.Authority of Sheriff
The Sheriff of Henderson County is hereby authorized to enter into a reasonable mutual 
aid assistance arrangement with other municipal and county law enforcement agencies, 
provided that the head of the requesting law enforcement agency requests assistance in 
The Sheriff of Henderson County is hereby authorized to permit officers of the 
Henderson County Sheriff's Department to work temporarily with officers of other 
requesting agencies, including in an undercover capacity and in a regular capacity, as the  
officer's duties dictate.    
§ 5-2.Powers and Duties of Officers.
While working with the requesting agency, a Henderson County Deputy Sheriff shall have the same jurisdiction,
powers, rights, privileges and immunities as the officers of the requesting agency, in addition to those he normally
§ 5-3.Responsibility of County
Henderson County shall in no way be responsible for personnel, financially and  
otherwise, of any other participating county, municipality or agency.  
Henderson County shall assume all liability and responsibility for pay for any Henderson  
County deputy sheriff and for death or injury to any Henderson County deputy sheriff 
responding to the request for assistance. 
§ 5-4.Requests for Assistance. 
The Sheriff is hereby authorized to request mutual aid assistance from other law enforcement agencies in accordance
with such reasonable arrangements, terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the respective heads of the
law enforcement agencies.  
§ 5-5.  Other Mutual Agreements
Nothing herein shall preclude Henderson County from entering into other mutual agreements as allowed by
applicable law.   
§ 5-6. Through 5-25. (Reserved)