§ 52-8. Costs and Reimbursements.  
Recovery of costs.  
If the Department is required to remove, abate or remediate a public nuisance, 
the County shall make every reasonable effort to recover costs incurred in 
removal, abatement or remediation in a civil action. The cost of enforcement 
action under this Chapter may be assessed and charged against the real property 
on which the public nuisance was located. The County shall extend the cost as 
assessed and charged against said real property.  
When the estimated cost of abatement and remediation exceeds 75 percent of the
County Assessor's market value of the structure, the County Manager or 
designee is authorized to notify the property owner of the County's intent to 
remove and dispose of the affected property instead of proceeding with  
abatement and remediation. For motor vehicles, the County will use the Kelley 
Blue Book value or equivalent in determining market value.  
Nothing herein precludes or limits the County from seeking recovery of costs 
through other methods allowed by federal or state law.    
Subrogation rights. Nothing in this Chapter is intended to limit the subrogation rights of 
any party and the owner occupants. The County shall maintain the right to recover costs, 
referenced in this section, from persons contributing to the damage.