§ 52-3.  Prohibitions. 
The creation or maintenance of a public nuisance is prohibited. The following are hereby expressly
declared to be public nuisances:  
Improper sewage disposal to such degree that sewage or effluent is discharging onto the 
surface of the ground, backing up into a structure, or discharging into a body of water.  
An unsecured opening caused by improperly abandoned cistern, well pit, sewage 
treatment system, unused or nonmaintained swimming pool, mine shaft or tunnel.  
Failure to keep waste, refuse, or garbage in an enclosed building or properly contained in 
a closed, insect and rodent proof container designed or reasonably adapted for such 
Accumulation of carcasses of animals, birds, or fish by failing to bury or otherwise 
dispose of in a sanitary manner within 24 hours after death.  
Significant outdoor storage of solid waste including but not limited to: decaying animal 
or vegetable matter, animal or human feces, trash, rubbish, garbage, rotting lumber, 
packing materials, scrap metal, pallets, fuel storage containers, tools, tires and wheels, 
furnaces, home appliances, furniture, plumbing fixtures, construction materials,  
amusement park devices, metal, pipes, rubber, glass bottles, machinery, wood, brick, 
cement block, all-terrain vehicles, toys, bicycles, junk or any other substances in which 
flies, mosquitoes, other disease-carrying insects, rodents or other vermin can harbor.  
Accumulations of rubbish or junk as to become dangerous or injurious to the health and 
safety of any individual or to the public.  
Any junked motor vehicles without a current vehicle restoration permit and/or any 
abandoned manufactured home as defined below.  
Infestations of flies, fleas, cockroaches, lice, rats, mice, fly larvae, hookworm larvae or 
other insects, parasites or vermin.  
Breeding grounds which support mosquito larvae and mosquitoes capable of carrying 
West Nile Virus, La Crosse Encephalitis Virus, or any other disease-causing 
Use of a recreational vehicle as a primary residence without permitted electric, water, and
sewerage connections.  
Recreational vehicles used to store solid waste.