§ 51-7. Specific Site Standards. 
The specific site standards as provided in this § 51-6A (4) shall apply to only those new motor sports
facilities falling under § 51-7 of this Chapter and which must obtain a special permit as prescribed in §51-
10. In evaluating whether the specific site standards have been met, the Board may consider the type and
size of racing events, size of parcel, residential density, frequency of racing events and other relevant
factors. The applicant shall bear the burden of proving that all of the following specific site standards have
been met:  
Hours of operation. No racing event may be conducted during the hours of 11:00 p.m. 
and 7:00 a.m.  Racing events may be conducted for a maximum of 3 consecutive 
days, a maximum of 5 days in any calendar week and a maximum of 6 hours per day.  
Lighting. Adequate outdoor lighting shall be provided for all spaces directed to patron 
use if a motor sports facility is to be operated at night. All outdoor lighting fixtures shall 
be installed and operated in such a manner as to protect the streets and neighboring 
properties from direct glare or hazardous interference of any kind.  
Buffer. A buffer having a minimum width of 100 feet shall be required along all property
lines of the property on which a motor sports facility is to be located. No development, 
including but not limited to accessory buildings, parking area or drives, may be located in
the buffer, except for permissible entryways and exits.  
Parking. Each motor sport facility shall have a designated on-site parking area consisting 
of at least 1 parking space, of a size not less than 9 feet by 18 feet, for each 3 seats based 
upon maximum capacity of the motor sports facility or per each 200 square feet of space 
directed to patron use, whichever is greater.  
Access. Each entryway or exit shall have a travel width of at least 22 feet and shall 
extend through the property to the designated parking areas.  
Fire suppression. Adequate fire suppression resources shall be required for each motor 
sports facility.  
Noise mitigation. An adequate noise mitigation plan shall be provided which shall 
demonstrate that good faith efforts to reduce noise effects in the vicinity have been made.  
Other. The Board of Commissioners may impose other reasonable requirements as 
conditions to a special permit being issued where necessary to meet the general standards
contained in § 51-8, including but not limited to conditions related to the specific site 
standards listed above, setbacks, off-street parking, stormwater management, 
sedimentation and erosion control, traffic flow, road construction and maintenance, off-
site access, road frontage, impervious surface areas, sound barriers.