§ 51-18. Revocation of Permit. 
The Board of Commissioners may revoke any permit issued pursuant to this Chapter for any violation of
this Chapter; provided, however, that prior to the Board of Commissioners' consideration of the revocation
of the permit, the Planning Director shall notify the owner/operator of the facility of the violation that may
cause the permit to be revoked and give the owner/operator at least 10 business days to cure the violation.
If the owner/operator fails to cure the violation within the time prescribed, the Planning Director may
prepare an item requesting that the Board of Commissioners set a quasi-judicial public hearing on the
revocation of the permit and shall forward the item to the County Manager by the agenda deadline for the
first regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners after the revocation request has been
submitted. The Board of Commissioners shall schedule a public hearing for a date which allows sufficient
time for notice of the hearing to be published in the newspaper authorized to publish legal notices in
accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes. Such notice must be published once at least 7 days
but not more than 14 days in advance of the public hearing. The revocation of the permit must be made in
writing and must be accompanied by the reasons for which the permit was revoked. The Board of
Commissioners may consider any appropriate amendments to the permit at the time that the violation and
the revocation request is considered. Once a permit is revoked in accordance with this section, any further
application shall be considered a new application, and all applicable provisions of this Chapter shall apply.