§ 51-15. Amendments to Permits.  
Except as specifically provided in this section, all applications for amendments to permits
must be submitted and processed in accordance with §51-9 and §51-10, as appropriate. 
The amendment application shall include the following information:  
Name and address of applicant;  
Application fee as set forth by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners 
on a fee schedule;  
Copy of the original permit;  
Such information as will adequately describe the proposed expansion or 
alteration to the facility or operations;  
Vicinity map showing a 2 mile radius from the property line of the permitted 
motor sports facility and locating any existing schools, public libraries,  
residential dwelling units and religious institutions within such area;  
Certification of the applicant stating whether or not there are any existing 
schools, public libraries, religious institutions or residential dwelling units 
located within a 2 mile radius of the permitted motor sports facility; and  
Property addresses and the respective owners of all existing schools, public 
libraries, religious institutions and residential dwelling units located within a 
two-mile radius of the permitted motor sports facility as shown on the records 
maintained by the Henderson County Land Records Office.    
Upon receipt of an amendment application and after holding a public hearing on said 
application as provided in §51-9 and §51-10, the Henderson County Board of 
Commissioners shall be authorized to amend any permit to allow for the expansion or 
alteration of a motor sports facility or its operation, subject to the provisions of this