§ 51-11. Permits for Existing Motor Sports Facilities.  
Existing motor sports facilities shall be exempt from the restrictions as contained in 
51-6 and from the standards as contained in §51-7 and §51-8 of this Chapter and 
may be granted a permit pursuant to the provisions of this § 51-11. An application for 
a permit under this section shall be submitted to the Henderson County Planning 
Department. A permit shall be issued by the Planning Director if the applicant can 
demonstrate the existence of the motor sports facility on or before the effective date of 
this Chapter. A permit issued pursuant to this section shall entitle the permit holder to 
continue operation of the existing motor sports facility. It shall not entitle the permit 
holder to expand the existing motor sports facility, construct additional or new motor 
sport facilities or to relocate the existing motor sport facility to a different geographical 
This section shall expire 1 year from the effective date of this Chapter. Thereafter, any 
person requesting a permit for a motor sports facility shall be required to fully comply 
with all requirements applicable to new motor sports facilities as contained in this