§49-7. Certificate of Appropriateness
Once a property is designated, it must receive a certificate of appropriateness for certain exterior
modifications, alterations, or additions to the historic landmark.
Such a certificate is required to be issued by the ZBA, after review by the HRC,
prior to the
issuance of a building permit or other permit granted for the purposes of constructing, altering,
moving or demolishing structures, which certificate may be issued subject to reasonable
conditions necessary to carry out the purposes of this article. A Certificate of Appropriateness
shall be required whether or not a building or other permit is required.
Minor works, as defined below, may be administratively approved and these decisions may be
appealed to Superior Court.
Applications for a certificate of appropriateness shall be obtained from and, when completed,
filed with the Planning Department and filed at least 30 days prior to a regularly scheduled
meeting of the ZBA. 
Each application shall be accompanied by sketches, drawings, photographs, specifications,
descriptions and other information of sufficient detail to clearly show the proposed exterior
alterations, additions, changes or new construction. The names and mailing addresses of
property owners filing and/or subject to the application must also be filed. No application which
does not include the aforementioned information will be accepted.