§49-5.  Participation in Historic Landmark Program
Voluntary Participation. This program is entirely voluntary and participants may opt in or opt
out of the program at any time.  To opt-in to the program, applicants must complete the
procedure below.  To opt-out of the program, participants must provide written notice to the
Planning Department and Tax Department.
Criteria for Historic Landmarks. No property shall be recommended for designation unless it is
deemed to be of historical, prehistorical, architectural, or cultural importance. It must also
possess integrity of design, setting, workmanship and/or materials.  The following shall be
considerations for selection:
Property is at least 100 years old, and
Property owner agrees to terms and conditions for designation as Historic Landmark, and 
Property is associated with historic events that have shaped Henderson County, or
Property is tied to the lives of persons who influenced the economic, social, educational,
or cultural conditions of Henderson County, or
Property features distinct architectural style, method of construction, high artistic values,
or represents the work of a master architect or builder, or
Property represents the full spectrum of historic property types in the County including
but not limited to, residences, commercial buildings, churches, farmsteads, engineering
features or parks, or
Property yields or is likely to yield information important to the understanding of the
history or prehistory of Henderson County; and
Property has been accepted onto the State Historic Study list, signifying that it is
considered possibly eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.
The following are possible incentives for participation in the historic property designation
program.  The availability of particular incentives depends on financial and personnel resources
and shall be determined by the Board of Commissioners.
Technical assistance - the HRC
may hold workshops on historic preservation, and
compile a list of grant programs, preservation societies, and other useful resources for
people interested in historic preservation.  
Promotional - the HRC may provide participants with recognition plaques, collaborate
with Tourism Department, Chamber and Heritage Museum to schedule possible tours or
promotional materials with listings of historic sites in Henderson County.
No Fee required to submit an application to the HRC
after the property is designated.
Provide information regarding possible grants for rehab - HRC may apply for grants and
research funds for rehab or aid property owners with needed repairs.
The HRC may assist the property owner with the report that is required to receive the
federal tax incentive and be placed on the National Historic Registry of Historic Places.
Property Tax Incentive based on N.C.G.S. 105-278.
The designation must be specific only to the area of historic significance and any area deemed
historic must be proven so with objective evidence to support the determination.  The order will
clearly describe the designated area.