Article II - Historic Resources Commission 
§ 49-3. 
Historic Resources Commission Established; Appointment; Terms and Qualifications of
Creation. There is hereby established, by authority of Chapter 160A, Article 19, Part 3C, of the
North Carolina General Statutes, a joint historic Resources commission to be known as the
Henderson County Historic Resources Commission ("HRC”). The Commission shall consist of
not fewer than four and not more than nine members appointed by the Board of Commissioners as
provided below.  
Appointment. In making appointments to the HRC, the Board of Commissioners shall appoint four
members who do not reside in any municipality which adopts this chapter and one member who
resides within the territorial limits of each municipality which adopts this chapter. For each
municipality which adopts this chapter, the Board of Commissioners shall appoint the member
who is required to reside in such municipality recommended by each municipality. At the time of
original appointments to the HRC, Henderson County staff shall assign each of the seats initially
to a term of one, two or three years. Subsequent appointments of each of the seats on the HRC
shall be for a term of three years, so that after the expiration of initial appointments, the term of
each HRC
shall be for three years, with the terms of approximately one-third of the
membership of the HRC
each year.  
Qualification of members. Each of the members of the Commission shall have demonstrated
experience, education or interest in history, architecture, archaeology, or related fields.