§49-10.  Routine Maintenance, Minor Improvements
& Major Modifications
Routine Maintenance: The following activities are routine maintenance and do not require a
certificate of appropriateness. 
Interior work or painting.
Replacement of window glass and sash, as long as window size, style, and material are
not altered. 
Caulking and weather-stripping.
Landscape maintenance.
Real estate and political signs.
Repairs to walks, patios, fences, and driveways as long as replacement materials match
the existing materials. 
Replacement of small amounts (50% or less) of missing or deteriorated siding, trim,
roof shingles, porch flooring, steps, gutters and downspouts, etc., as long as the
replacement materials match the existing materials. 
Minor Improvements: Minor improvements to structures require a certificate of appropriateness.
Minor modifications, listed below, may be administratively approved by the Planning
Installation of storm windows and doors.
Side- and rear-yard fences and walls not facing a public street. 
Installation of exterior mechanical equipment such as roof fans, heat pumps, and air
Repairs to walls, patios, fences, and driveways as long as replacement matches what
presently exists.
Repairs to vents and access doors of foundation. 
Replacement of exterior stairs, landings, and steps. 
Replacement of large amounts (more than 50%) of missing or deteriorated siding, trim,
porch floors, windows, and gutters or architectural details where there is no change in
materials and design of original. 
Re-pointing and other masonry repairs.
Exterior lighting fixtures.
(10) Removal of asbestos or other artificial siding.
(11) New roof coverings using shingles appropriate to the original. 
(12) Installation of satellite dishes. 
(13) Exterior paint removal. 
Major Modifications: Major modifications listed below require certificate of
approved by the ZBA after review and recommendation by the HRC. 
Exterior changes including types or styles of windows, doors, porches, decks,
roofs, and lighting fixtures. 
Alterations in exterior architectural details. 
The installation on any structure, of vinyl or aluminum siding or of any siding
different than the existing siding. 
The disturbance of designated archaeological sites. 
The construction of any addition to an existing structure, such as the addition of
rooms, chimneys, porches, decks, ramps, solar panels, and skylights, or any new
The construction or placement of any outbuilding on the property, including carports,
garages, utility sheds barns, silos, drying sheds, and bulk barns. 
Relocation of a primary structure.
The placement or construction of any yard fixtures such as lamp posts or other
lighting fixtures, walkways, fences or walls, driveways, parking areas or the
placement of any physical structure which could be considered ornamental. 
The demolition or removal of any structure, including outbuildings and yard fixtures.
The installation of any permanent exterior sign measuring larger than three (3) square
feet in area. 
Foundation repairs other than vents and access doors.