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Chapter 49
Historic Resources, Preservation Of
Article I - Purpose and Definitions
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County 10-3-2005, amended 4-15-
§ 49-1.  
The historical heritage of Henderson County is a valuable and important asset. By endeavoring to preserve
historic sites and landmarks, Henderson County seeks:  
To safeguard the heritage of the County by preserving landmarks therein that embody important
elements of its culture, history, architectural history, or prehistory; and  
To promote the use and conservation of such landmarks for the education, pleasure, and
enrichment of the residents of the County and state as a whole.  
§ 49-2. 
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to
them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:  
Any change because of construction, repair, maintenance, or otherwise to buildings
designated as an historic landmark.
Archaeological Resources.  Material evidence of past human activity which is found on or below
the surface of the ground, portions of which may be visible above the surface. 
Building.  Any structure, place, or other construction built for the shelter or enclosure of persons,
animals, and/or chattels. 
Board of Commissioners.
The Henderson County Board of Commissioners.  
Certificate of appropriateness
(COA).   A document evidencing approval of the Resources
Commission for work proposed to an historical landmark
by an applicant.
Construction.  The erection of any onsite improvements on any parcel of ground designated as an
historic site or landmark, whether the site is presently improved, unimproved, or hereafter
becomes unimproved by demolition, destruction of the improvements located thereon by fire,
windstorm, or other casualty. 
Demolition.  The complete or partial removal by an applicant of a building on any site.
Department of Cultural Resources.  North Carolina Historic Preservation Office.
Designation.  The creation of an historic property through the passage of an ordinance by the
governing body.
Exterior features.
Includes the architectural style, general design, and general arrangement of the
exterior of a building or other structure, including the kind and texture of the building material; the
size and scale of the building; and the type and style of all windows, doors, light fixtures, signs,
and other appurtenant fixtures. In the case of outdoor advertising signs, exterior
features shall be
construed to mean the style, material, size, and location of all such signs. Exterior features may, in
the discretion of the local governing board, include important landscape and natural features of the
Historic property. Any site, landmark, structure, or artifact that of special significance in terms of
its history, prehistory, architecture, archaeology and/or cultural importance to the history and
development of Henderson County, and that it possesses integrity of design, setting, workmanship,
materials, feeling and/or association.
This shall apply in the unincorporated areas of Henderson County and in any
municipality that adopts this Ordinance and its design guidelines.
Ordinary repairs and maintenance.   Work done on a building to prevent it from deterioration
or to replace any part thereof in order to correct any deterioration, decay, or damage to a building
on any part thereof in order to restore same as nearly as practical to its condition prior to such
deterioration, decay or damage. 
Resources Commission.
The Henderson County Historic Resources Commission