§48-34.   Exterior Structure 
General. The exterior of a structure shall be maintained so as not to pose a threat to the public health,
safety or welfare. 
Premises identification. A sign indicating the address of a property shall be provided as required by
Henderson County Code, Chapter 41, Property Addressing.
Structural members. All structural members shall be capable of safely supporting the imposed dead and
live loads. 
Foundation walls. All foundation walls shall be free from open cracks and breaks and shall be kept in
such condition so as to prevent the entry of water, rodents and other pests. 
Exterior walls. All exterior walls shall be free from holes and breaks. 
Roofs and drainage. The roof and flashing shall be sound, tight and not have defects that admit rain. 
Window, skylight and door frames. Every window, skylight, door and frame shall be kept weather tight. 
Building security. Doors, windows or hatchways for dwelling units, room units or housekeeping units
shall be provided with devices designed to provide security for the occupants and property within.