§ 45-50. Procedures
The Henderson County Agricultural Advisory Board shall adopt procedures, based upon the
model procedures promulgated by North Carolina State University College of Agriculture & Life
Sciences, for both voluntary and enhanced voluntary agriculture districts for the following:
Approval of Agriculture Easement and Conservation Agreement terms.  Such
agreement to sustain, encourage, and promote agriculture must be executed by the
landowner and recorded with the Advisory Board and with the Henderson County
Register of Deeds.  Permitted uses for the land subject to such Easement and
Conservation Agreement include agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and outdoor
recreation.  The Easement and Conservation Agreement for the Enhanced Voluntary
Agricultural District shall be binding upon all successors in interest to the landowner
according to its terms, except for successors in interest resulting from the exercise of
rights under a security interest or lien that preceded the Easement and Conservation
Enforcement, including methods for determining compliance and for revocation by
the County for non-compliance.