45-40. Purpose
The purposed of Enhanced Voluntary Agricultural Districts is to provide, pursuant to N.C.G.S. §106-743.1
et seq., all the benefits to the County of Voluntary Agricultural Districts under Part 1 of this Article, with
additional benefits to the County and to its farmland beyond that available in a voluntary agricultural
district established under Part 2 of this Article, when the owner of the farmland agrees to the condition
imposed hereunder.
Enhanced Voluntary Agricultural Districts must meet all the requirements of Part1 of 
this Article.
Landowners who desire inclusion of their land in an Enhanced Voluntary 
Agricultural District must not only meet all the requirements of Part 1 of this 
Article, but must also enter into an irrevocable agricultural easement and 
conservation agreement (pursuant to N.C.G.S. §121-35) for a term of 10 years 
with Henderson County through its Agricultural Advisory Board, as specified below.  
Such easement shall contain a provision that at its expiration the easement 
automatically renews for subsequent 3 year periods unless either party gives the  
other written notice prior to such expiration to Henderson County and its 
Agricultural Advisory Board.
The form of the agreement required under A., above, shall be approved by the 
Henderson County Agricultural Advisory Board, and shall meet the requirements of 
N.C.G.S.  §106-743.2.