§ 45-4. Residency Requirements; Qualifications; Terms; Vacancies; Removal. 
Each Board member shall be a resident of Henderson County.  
of the 5 members should be actively engaged in farming, and they may be 
selected for appointment by the Board of Commissioners from a list of possible  
candidates submitted to the Board of Commissioners by the Henderson County Soil and 
Water Conservation District, the Cooperative Extension Advisory Council and the 
Agricultural Stabilization Conservation Service Committee. Appointments should be 
made with an effort to have the broadest geographical representation possible.  
All members are to serve for terms of 4 years, except that the initial Board is to consist 
of 1 appointee for a term of 2 years; 2 appointees for terms of 3 years and 2 appointees 
for terms of 4 years. Thereafter, all appointments are to be for terms of 4 years, with 
reappointments permitted.  
Any vacancy on the Agricultural Advisory Board is to be filled by the Board of 
Commissioners for the remainder of the unexpired term.  
Any member of the Agricultural Advisory Board may be removed with or without cause  
by the Board of Commissioners.