§ 45-27.Maps; Public Notice. 
Voluntary agricultural districts will be marked on official maps maintained by the 
Land Records Office of the Henderson County Tax Assessor, displayed for public 
view in the following County locations: 
Register of Deeds.
Soil and Water Conservation.
Henderson County Tax Assessor’s offices.
Official Henderson County electronic land records.
Any other office deemed necessary or advisable by the Board of 
The following notice, of a size and form suitable for posting, shall be posted in the 
office of the Register of Deeds, and any other office or agency the Advisory Board 
deems necessary:
Henderson County has established agricultural districts to protect and preserve
agricultural lands and activities.  These districts have been developed and mapped
by the county to inform all purchasers of real property that certain agricultural and
forestry activities, including but not limited to pesticide spraying , manure
spreading, machinery and truck operation, livestock operations, sawing, and other
common farming activities may occur in these districts any time during the day or
night.  Maps and information on the location and establishment of these districts can
be obtained from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service office, the office
of the Register of Deeds, the County Planning office, the Land Records Section of the
Tax Assessor’s Office, or the Natural Resources Conservation Service office.