§ 45-16. Procedure.  
Upon receiving a request for condemnation, the Agricultural Advisory Board shall, 
within 2 days, publish a notice in a newspaper having general circulation in Henderson 
County describing the proposed condemnation. The notice shall state the time, date and 
location of the public hearing on the proposed condemnation. Such hearing shall be held 
within 14 days of receipt of the request.  
The Board will meet to review:  
If the need for the condemnation has been satisfactorily established by the 
agency or unit of government involved, including a review of any fiscal impact 
analysis conducted by the agency involved; and  
Alternatives to the proposed condemnation that are less disruptive and of less 
impact to the agricultural activities and farm land base of the voluntary  
agricultural district within which the condemnation action is to take place.    
The Board will consult with the County Cooperative Extension Service, United States 
Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service, and may consult 
with any other individuals, agencies or organizations, public or private, necessary to the 
Board's review of the proposed condemnation. 
Within 10 days after the public hearings, the Board will make a report containing its 
findings and recommendations regarding the proposed condemnation. The report will be  
made available to the public for comment prior to its being conveyed to the decision 
making body of the agency proposing condemnation.  
Pursuant to N.C.G.S. 106-740, the County will not, within its scope of authority, permit 
any formal initiation of condemnation by local agencies while the proposed 
condemnation is properly before the Advisory Board within these time limitations.