Article VII - Special Requirements
§ 45-17. Purpose. 
The purpose of this article is to help meet the needs of agriculture as an industry and to prevent conflicts between
voluntary agricultural district participants and nonfarm landowners in proximity to districts. 
§ 45-18. Districts Not Permitted In County Growth Areas. 
Voluntary agricultural districts will not be permitted in designated County growth areas, as delineated in the most
recently adopted County Land Use Plan, such plan being adopted after the effective date of this Chapter.  
§ 45-19. Consultation with Other Agencies. 
The Board shall consult as much as possible with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, the North Carolina
Division of Soil and Water Conservation and any other entity the Board deems necessary to the proper conduct of its
§ 45-20. Filing with Commissioner Of Agriculture; Reports.  
A copy of this Chapter shall be recorded with the North Carolina Commissioner of 
Agriculture's office after adoption. At least once a year the County shall submit a written  
report to the Commissioner of Agriculture's office indicating the status, progress and 
activities of the County's farmland preservation program, including voluntary agricultural 
districting information regarding:  
Number of landowners enrolled.  
Number of acres applied.  
Number of acres certified.  
Number of acres denied.  
Date each agricultural district was certified.    
Copies of the reports cited in Subsection A will be sent to:  
North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture.  
North Carolina Department of Transportation.  
North Carolina Department of Commerce.  
Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce.  
Any other entities the Board deems appropriate.   
§ 45-21. Records; Notice of Proximity to District. 
At such time as Henderson County has a computerized land records system, it shall be required that such records
include some form of notice reasonably calculated to alert a person researching the title of a particular tract that such
tract is located within 1/2 mile of a poultry, swine or dairy qualifying farm or within 600 feet of any other qualifying
farm or within 1/2 mile of a voluntary agricultural district.