§ 43-5. Exceptions.  
This Chapter shall not apply to bona fide service stations, repair shops or garages.  
This Chapter shall in no way regulate, restrict, prohibit or otherwise deter any bona fide 
farm and its related uses.  
All new and existing junkyards and/or automobile graveyards established in accordance 
with § 43-4 may be operated and maintained subject to the following conditions:  
The Henderson County Health Department shall inspect each junkyard and 
automobile graveyard at least 2 times each year to determine compliance with 
this chapter and that no vectors are present. Should vectors be identified, the 
owner/operator/maintainer shall submit satisfactory evidence to the Health 
Department that vectors have been eliminated.  
The owner/operator shall dispose of all petroleum products and residue in a 
manner that will not adversely affect the environment and will comply with state 
and federal regulations.  
The junkyard and/or automobile graveyard shall be entirely surrounded by a 
fence and vegetation or by a wire fence and vegetation. Vegetation shall be 
planted on either side of the wire fence or on the outbound side of a fence. The 
vegetation shall be of a type that can reach a minimum height of 6 feet within 
years from the date planted and shall be planted at intervals evenly spaced 
and in close proximity to each other so that a continuous, unbroken hedgerow 
(without gaps or open spaces) will exist to a height of at least 6 feet along the 
length of the fence surrounding the junkyard or automobile graveyard. The 
hedgerow shall be maintained as a continuous, unbroken hedgerow for the 
period the property is used as a junkyard and/or automobile junkyard.  
Each owner, operator or maintainer or a junkyard or automobile 
graveyard to which this chapter applies shall utilize good husbandry 
techniques, for example, pruning, mulching and proper fertilization, so  
that the vegetation can reach a height of 6 feet within 6 years of the 
date planted and will have a maximum density and foliage. Dead or 
diseased vegetation shall be replaced at the next appropriate planting 
The fence or wire fence shall have not more than 4 gates for the 
purposes of ingress and egress of motor vehicles. The gates shall be 
closed and securely locked at all times, except during business hours.  
The Health Department and/or Zoning Administrator shall be available  
to assist an owner, operator or maintainer of a junkyard or automobile 
graveyard, upon request of the said owner, operator or maintainer, in 
the formulation of plans for said fencing and/or vegetation. The fence 
or wire fence shall be maintained in good order and shall not be 
allowed to deteriorate.    
All operations, equipment, junk and/or inoperable motor vehicles shall be kept 
within the confines of said fence and vegetation or wire fence and vegetation at 
all times unless in motion by transport to or from the site.