Road Construction
Roads should be constructed (1) along the contour of the land because of the difficulty of operating vehicles on steep
grades and high potential for erosion, and (2) so that water will drain from the road surface into side ditches. 
Roads shall:
Be constructed with suitable stone and compacted properly,
Be constructed on a sub base of suitable soil capable of supporting it, and
Not be constructed on used asphalt (an unacceptable base course).
The Subdivision Administrator may require a professional engineer or professional surveyor to certify, or provide
applicable proof, that the roads were constructed to standards prescribed in this Subpart C (Subdivision Road
Standards Applicable to All Subdivision Types and Subtypes) and approved development plan. This may be
accomplished by on-site supervision by the engineer or his designee during the construction of the road, or through
a series of core sample tests at appropriate key areas or as requested by the Subdivision Administrator. The core
samples should be spaced accordingly and the location and number of core samples should be agreed upon by the
engineer and Subdivision Administrator prior to testing. NCDOT certification is not required.