Road Frontage and Existing Off-Site Access
Tracts to be subdivided must have a minimum of: (1) 30 feet of frontage on an existing public road, or (2) private
rights-of-way no less than 30 feet in width to a public road. Applicants shall have the burden to prove private right-of-
way and existing off-site access is legal, permissible and permanent (evidence may include property deed, title search,
recorded plat, or other documentation provided by the applicant).
Where the minimum frontage and off-site access requirements cannot be met the maximum number of lots
into which a tract may be divided shall be no more than one (1) lot per acre. 
Where the minimum road frontage and existing off-site access requirements can be met but the grade of the
road at any point in the existing off-site access exceeds 18 percent (paved) or 15 percent (gravel), and the applicant is
proposing more than five (5) lots, the approving agency will review the application on a case-by-case basis.