Alterations to Approval
Except as provided herein, changes to an approved petition or to the conditions attached to the approved petition shall
be treated the same as amendments to these regulations or to the Official Zoning Map and shall be processed in
accordance with the procedures of this Chapter.
The Planning Director or designee shall have the delegated authority to approve an amendment to an approved site
plan. The standard for approving or denying such an amendment shall be that the change does not significantly alter
the site plan or its conditions and that the change does not have a significant impact upon abutting properties. Any
decision must be in writing stating the grounds for approval or denial.
For nonresidential development, an increase in the intensity of the development is limited to ten (10) percent of the
approved structure size or 1,000 square feet, whichever is less. For residential development, increases in density are
limited to ten (10) percent of the development or no more than five (5) dwelling units, whichever is less.
The Planning Director, however, shall have the discretion to decline to exercise the delegated authority either because
of uncertainty about approval of the change pursuant to the standard or because Board of Commissioner consideration
and public hearing is deemed appropriate under the circumstances. If the Planning Director declines to exercise this
authority, the applicant may request a map amendment as permitted by this Chapter.