§42-5. Rules of Construction 
Meaning of Terms. Unless specifically defined in this Chapter the words and phrases used in this 
Chapter shall have their customary meanings or shall be as defined in a standard dictionary. The 
specific definitions listed in Article XIV shall be applicable in all districts, unless specifically 
limited to particular districts or sections. 
Tense. Words used in the present tense include the future tense. 
Number. Words used in the singular number include the plural number and the plural number 
includes the singular number unless the context of the particular usage clearly indicates otherwise.
Shall, Must, Will, May and Should. The words “shall,” “must” and “will” are mandatory in nature,
implying an obligation or duty to comply with the particular provision. The word “may” is 
permissive in nature. The word “should” indicates that compliance is encouraged, but is not 
Used and Occupied. The words "used" or "occupied" include the words "intended, designed or 
arranged to be used or occupied." 
Fractional Requirements. When any requirement of this Chapter results in a fraction of a unit, the 
fraction shall be disregarded. 
Text Controls in Event of Conflict. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the text of 
this Chapter and any heading, caption, figure, illustration, table, or map, the text shall control.