§42-49. Effect of Approval
If a petition for conditional zoning is approved, the development and use of the property shall be governed by the
existing Chapter requirements applicable to the district’s category, the approved site plan for the district, and any
additional approved rules, regulations, and conditions, all of which shall constitute zoning regulations for the approved
district and are binding on the property as an amendment to these regulations and to the Official Zoning Map.
Only those uses and structures indicated in the approved petition and site plan shall be allowed on the subject property.
A change of location of the structures may be authorized pursuant to §42-50 (Alterations to Approval). Changes to the
site plan layout shall not increase the number of structures.
Following the approval of the petition for a Conditional Zoning District, the subject property shall be identified on the
Official Zoning Map by the appropriate district designation. A conditional zoning shall be identified by the same
designation as the underlying general district followed by the letters “CD” (for example “OI-CD”).