Conditions to Approval of Petition
In approving a petition for the reclassification of property to a Conditional Zoning District, the Planning Board may
recommend, and the Board of Commissioners may request that reasonable and appropriate conditions be attached to
the approval of the petition. Conditions and site-specific standards shall be limited to those that address the
conformance of the development and use of the site to County ordinances and any officially adopted Comprehensive
Plan or other land use plan, that address the impacts reasonably expected to be generated by the development or use of
the site. Any such conditions should relate to the impact of the proposed use on surrounding property, support facilities
(such as parking areas and driveways), pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems, screening and buffering areas,
timing of development, road and right-of-way improvements, water and sewer improvements, stormwater drainage,
provision of open space, and other matters that the Commissioners may find appropriate or the applicant may propose.
Such conditions to approval of the petition may include dedication to the County, State or other public entity, as
appropriate, of any rights-of-way or easements for roads, water, sewer, or other public utilities necessary to serve the
proposed development. The applicant shall have a reasonable opportunity to consider and respond to any such
conditions prior to final action by the Board of Commissioners. Only those conditions mutually approved by the Board
of Commissioners and the applicant may be incorporated into the petition