Conditional Zoning Districts Established
Conditional Zoning Districts are created for the purpose of providing an optional rezoning choice where the owner of
property proposes to rezone property and, in order to, among other reasons, carry out the purposes of the
Comprehensive Plan, proposes to impose special limitations and conditions on the use of the property proposed for
Conditional Zoning Districts are zoning districts in which the development and use of the property is subject to
predetermined Chapter standards and the rules, regulations, and conditions imposed as part of the legislative decision
creating the district and applying it to each individual development project. For each General Use Zoning District,
there is a corresponding Conditional Zoning District (CD) which corresponds to each of the districts authorized by this
Chapter as follows: R1-CD; R2-CD; R2R-CD; R3-CD; R-4-CD; OI-CD; LC-CD; CC-CD; RC-CD; I-CD; R-40-CD;
WR-CD; SR-CD; and MU-CD.
Certain types of zoning districts would be inappropriate at certain locations in the absence of special conditions. Some
land uses are of a nature or scale that may have significant impacts on both the immediately surrounding area and the
entire community, which cannot be predetermined or controlled by general district standards. There are also
circumstances in which a general use district designation allowing such a use by right would not be appropriate for a
particular property though the use could, if properly planned, be appropriate for the property consistent with the
objectives of these regulations, the adopted Comprehensive Plan, and adopted district. The review process established
in this section provides for the accommodation of such uses by a reclassification of property into a conditional zoning
district, subject to specific conditions, which ensure compatibility of the use with the use and enjoyment of
neighboring properties. 
Where the applicant for rezoning desires property to be rezoned to such a district in such situations, the Conditional
Zoning District is a means by which such special conditions can be imposed in the furtherance of the purpose of this
Chapter and the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan. The Conditional Zoning District classification will be
considered for rezoning only with the consent of the property owner. If, for any reason, any condition imposed
pursuant to these regulations is found to be illegal or invalid or if the applicant should fail to accept any condition, it is
the intent of this Chapter that the authorization of such Conditional Zoning District shall be null and void and of no
effect and that proceedings shall be instituted to rezone the property to its previous zoning classification.