§42-4. Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise noted, the provisions of this Chapter shall apply to the unincorporated areas of Henderson County
lying outside the extraterritorial jurisdiction of any municipality and the incorporated areas and extraterritorial
jurisdiction of any city or town specifically requesting its enforcement by Henderson County upon the agreement of
the Henderson County Board of Commissioners, both in accordance with the use districts shown on the Zoning Map
titled the "Official Zoning Map of Henderson County, North Carolina" and subsequent amendments thereto. (In
making such a request, the city or town must comply with the requirements of NCGS §160A-360). In no instance
shall this Chapter apply to any area which is not duly established and identified as a zoning area as shown on the
“Official Zoning Map of Henderson County, North Carolina.” Said map and all explanatory matter thereon
accompany and are hereby made a part of this Chapter. This Chapter and Map shall be on file in the Office of the