Zoning Permits
Purpose. Zoning Permits are required for (1) the erection, movement, addition to or structural alteration of
any structure and (2) the expansion of or change in any use. 
Permit Issuance. The Zoning Administrator shall issue permits. No Zoning Permit shall be issued until the
appropriate site plan has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate staff or reviewing agency. All
permits shall be issued in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter, except where the Zoning
Administrator receives a written order from (1) the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) in the form of an
interpretation involving error, special use or variance; or (2) the Board of Commissioners in the form of the
issuance of approval for a vested right. 
Pre-application Conference. None required.
Application. Each application for a permit shall be filed on a form provided by the Zoning
Administrator. Applications may be modified by the Zoning Administrator as necessary, who may
require the applicant to supply additional information. 
Review Schedule. None established.
Fees. Any review fee established by the Commissioners shall be submitted with the application.
Staff Review. The Zoning Administrator shall process and review all applications for a permit. If the
application is found to be incomplete, the Zoning Administrator shall notify the applicant of any
deficiencies. The Zoning Administrator, for projects not involving some other form of review, shall
approve, approve conditionally or deny the approval of the application. Where the Zoning Administrator
denies the permit, reasons for the denial shall be stated. A zoning permit must be issued prior to the
issuance of a building permit, which shall comply with the zoning permit and all conditions of approval
attached thereto.
Permit Validity. Upon the issuance of a permit, the applicant shall have six (6) months from the date of
issuance thereon to obtain a building permit or begin substantial construction work on the project. Failure
to obtain a building permit or make substantial construction progress within six (6) months shall render the
permit void. The Zoning Administrator may grant a single extension of this time period of up to six (6)
months upon submittal by the applicant of sufficient justification for the extension.