Development Plans
Plan Preparation. Development plans must be prepared in conformance with this subpart and development
plan requirements provided by the Planning Department. Development plan(s) are required during review
of all major subdivisions. The development plan may be submitted for the entire subdivision or any section
thereof. The applicant shall submit four (4) full-sized copies and one (1) reduced-sized copy of the
development plan, at a scale appropriate to clearly depict the proposed project. Reduced size copies should
be legible and reproducible. If a reduced size copy of the plan (no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches in
size) cannot be provided, at least 30 large copies shall be submitted in its place. The development plan may
consist of multiple sheets, if needed.
Purpose of the Plan. A development plan is a graphic representation or map of the tract of land to be
developed indicating all proposed divisions of land, their uses, improvements and other information as may
be required to fully disclose the applicant's intentions. The purpose of the plan is to provide general and
specific information and is not intended to be a recordable document.
Review of the Plan. Upon approval of the master plan and the development plan of the first section of a
subdivision by the reviewing agency, if successive sections are submitted for review (and (1) each
substantially conforms with the master plan, (2) no new lots are created, and (3) all technical requirements
and development standards have been met) the Subdivision Administrator may approve the development
plans for all major subdivisions for successive sections administratively. Under such review, the action
deadlines for the reviewing agency shall be the same for the Subdivision Administrator
Land Disturbing and Improvement Activities. The applicant may, only upon receipt of approval of the
development plan proceed with the establishment of erosion and sedimentation control measures, clearing
and other land-disturbing activities and improvement activities associated with the project. 
Approval Validity. Development plan approval is valid for two (2) years and shall be annotated on the plan.
The approving agency may, for just cause, grant up to two (2) one-year extensions for development plan
approval. If, at the completion of the first one-year extension period, less than 50 percent of improvements
are complete, the applicant must reapply under the current applicable requirements. If more than 50 percent
of improvements are complete after the one-year extension period, the applicant may apply for a single
additional one-year extension and thereafter must reapply under current applicable requirements.