Review for Major Subdivisions and Conservation Subdivisions of Three Hundred (300) or
More Lots
Approval Authority. Board of Commissioners. 
Approval Type. Map Amendment approval as a Conditional Zoning District.
Pre-application Conference. Each applicant shall meet with the Planning Director in a pre-
application conference at least 15 days prior to the submission of any application for a major
subdivision of 300 or more lots and accompanying map amendment application. The purposes of
the conference are to: (1) acquaint the applicant with the application process, (2) review the sketch
of the proposed development, (3) allow for the free exchange of information between the
applicant and the Planning Director, (4) explore how the applicant intends to design the
development, and (5) identify contemplated density levels, areas proposed for preservation and
existing nature features on the property to be subdivided. The applicant should be prepared to
discuss the development plans for the entire tract and any adjacent property under the same
ownership. Each applicant shall bring to the pre-application conference a site analysis sketch
which shall:
Be prepared based on aerial photography, visual observations and an on-site inspection of
the tract and which may be prepared (at the applicant’s request) with the general
guidance of Planning Staff or professionally (although neither is required);
Be at a scale which is clearly legible and provides sufficient detail to describe the general
location of proposed development and the stated features for discussion purposes; and
Identify (for the entire tract) the following features: streams, creeks, ponds, reservoirs,
floodplains, wetlands, steep slopes (those greater than 60 percent), unique natural areas,
rock outcroppings, farmland, pastureland and wooded/forested areas.
Application. Applications, including all application materials (subdivision and map amendment),
master plan(s) (see §42-341 (Master Plans)) and/or development plan(s) (see §42-342
(Development Plans)) shall be submitted on or before the date required by the Planning
Department for review at the next Planning Board meeting. The map amendment application shall
also include: (1) the name(s) and address(es) of the owner(s) of the property in question; (2) the
location of the property; (3) the PIN as shown on the County tax listing; (4) a
description/statement of the present and proposed district; (5) a description of the property in
question sufficient to unequivocally describe and identify said property (such description may take
the form of a property survey, a legal description or a legible copy of a County cadastral or
composite tax map clearly annotated with district lines which follow political boundaries,
geographical features or property lines); and where an applicant chooses to appoint an agent to
speak on their behalf, (6) an agent form. In the opinion of the Planning Director if an application
is incomplete, the Planning Director may return the application to the applicant identifying the
specific omissions, without invoking the review time requirement. The Planning Director may
modify applications as necessary. Incomplete applications must be resubmitted on or before the
date required by the Planning Department for review at the next Planning Board meeting.
Review Schedule. Applications for major subdivisions of 300 or more lots shall have a minimum
45 day processing period for review by the Planning Director before the first consideration by the
Planning Board. Applications involving more than one (1) parcel not under common ownership by
the applicant shall be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners at its first regularly scheduled
monthly meeting. (The Board of Commissioners will review the application and determine if it
should proceed or, due to the size of the area, number of parcels or number of property owners, if
the scope of the application will require a Small Area Zoning Study. If the Board of
Commissioners agrees that the application calls for a Small Area Zoning Study, a directive for
such will be issued by the Commissioners and direction will be provided as to how to proceed
with the amendment application).
Withdrawal of Application. Each application for a major subdivision of 300 or more lots which is
withdrawn by the applicant after the first newspaper notice appears shall not be considered for a
map amendment within the following six (6) months.
Application Resubmittal. The Planning Board and the Board of Commissioners will not consider
an application (by a property owner or owner’s agent) when, within the previous 12 months, the
map amendment request was denied by the Commissioners.
Fees. Any review fee established by the Board of Commissioners shall be submitted with the
Staff Review. The Planning Director shall: (1) process and review the subdivision application, master
plan and/or development plan(s), and map amendment request; (2) present the application to the TRC for its
comments and recommendations; (3) schedule the matter for consideration by the Planning Board and
notify the applicant (in writing) of that time; (4) forward a copy to any review agency for information
purposes or for comment; and (5) prepare a recommendation on the proposed amendment. Formal review
of the major subdivision of 300 or more lots shall not begin until the Planning Director has verified that the
application is complete. Such verification should, when possible, be made within three (3) business days of
its receipt.
Formal Review. The Planning Director shall prepare a recommendation on the application and supply
a copy of the recommendation to the applicant before review by the Planning Board. Prior to amending the
Official Zoning Map, the Commissioners shall consider the Planning Board’s recommendation which must
be in writing and must address consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Board shall have
45 days after the first consideration of an application for a major subdivision of 300 or more lots to submit
its written recommendation to the Commissioners. Failure of the Planning Board to submit a written
recommendation within the 45 day period shall constitute a favorable recommendation, except that, if by
agreement of the Planning Board and the applicant that 45 days is insufficient due to the size of the area,
the complexity of the request or similar circumstances, the Planning Board shall have 60 days to submit its
written recommendations.
Public Hearing. Prior to amending the zoning map the Commissioners shall hold a public hearing on
the amendment in accordance with NCGS §153A-323, as amended (See §42-370 (Legislative Process
Public Notification. Public notification of the Planning Board meeting shall comply with the provisions
outlined in §42-370 (Legislative Process Standards) B (5) (Posted Notice), for posted notices. Public
notification of the Commissioners public hearing shall comply with the provisions of NCGS §153A-323
and §153A-343, as amended (See §42-370 (Legislative Process Standards)). Planning Staff shall be
responsible for all necessary public notifications.
Amendment Validity. The amendment is effective immediately following the decision of the
Commissioners. The Commissioners shall issue a written statement on all map amendment decisions (both
adoptions and rejections) addressing reasonableness, consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, and public
interests furthered. Subsequent development plans shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of
Commissioners. However, the Commissioners may delegate this approval authority, on a project by project
basis, to the Planning Board or Subdivision Administrator provided all conditions of approval are met and
the development plan is consistent with the approved master plan. Development plans shall meet all
requirements of this Chapter. Final plats shall be reviewed following the processes and procedures outlined
in §42-76 (Approval for Subdivision Plats) and §42-343 (Final Plat Review).