Review for Minor and Nonstandard Subdivisions
Approval Authority. Subdivision Administrator
Application. Each applicant shall submit an application to the Subdivision Administrator.
Applications may be modified by the Subdivision Administrator as necessary, who may require
the applicant to supply additional information. Development plans are required for minor or
phased minor subdivisions where six (6) to ten (10) lots and new right-of-way are proposed.
Development plans must be submitted to the Subdivision Administrator pursuant to §42-112
(Minor Subdivisions). Where development plan review is not required the applicant shall submit a
final plat in Mylar form and a blue line copy of the final plat along with all application materials
(see Article III (Subdivision Regulations)). The final plat must be prepared in conformance with
the final plat requirements provided by the Planning Department, (§42-343 (Final Plat Review))
and provisions of this Chapter.
Fees. Any application fee established by the Board of Commissioners shall be submitted with the
Staff Review. The Subdivision Administrator shall review all minor subdivisions and nonstandard
subdivisions and development plans (when applicable) in conformance with Article III (Subdivision
Regulations). The Subdivision Administrator may refer any minor subdivision or nonstandard subdivision
for review by the Planning Board in accordance with this Chapter.