Major Site Plan Review
Approval Authority. Technical Review Committee (TRC).
Staff Review. The Zoning Administrator shall meet with applicants in a pre-application conference prior to,
or at the time of site plan submittal to provide information to the applicant regarding the review process
and assist in the preparation of the submittal. The Zoning Administrator, after receiving the site plan, shall:
(1) review the plan, (2) determine its completeness, (3) schedule the matter for consideration by the TRC,
(4) notify the applicant of the TRC’s scheduled time, and (5) prepare a recommendation on the site plan.
All members of the TRC shall sign off on the application for approval. The TRC shall not approve a site
plan unless it makes written findings that the regulations of this Chapter have been met. The TRC shall take
action within 30 days of reviewing the site plan. Any approval or denial of the request must be in writing
and be permanently filed in the office of the TRC as a public record. 
Approval. The proposal meets all requirements of this Chapter and other statutes, ordinances and
regulations of the County as submitted and is approved. If the site plan is approved by the TRC the
applicant may proceed with other requirements necessary to obtain a building permit.
Conditional Approval. The proposal exhibits only minor deficiencies with regard to this Chapter
and other statutes, ordinances and regulations of the County and, after corrections have been
made, can be approved. If the site plan is granted conditional approval by the TRC the applicant
shall revise and resubmit the site plan to the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator
shall review the revised site plan and, if it meets the approval conditions and is otherwise
substantially unaltered, shall signify on the plan the change from conditional approval to approval.
The Zoning Administrator has the right to resubmit the revised site plan to the TRC for complete
review if deemed necessary. If the site plan is not revised within 60 days to meet the approval
conditions, or the applicant notified the Zoning Administrator of unwillingness to revise the site
plan, it shall be deemed denied.
Denial. The proposal cannot be approved as it exhibits deficiencies and/or is not in compliance
with this Chapter or other statutes, ordinances and regulations of the County which make it
completely ineligible for revision and resubmittal. If the TRC denies the site plan, reasons for the
denial shall be stated in writing and the site plan may be revised and resubmitted.
Permit Validity. No permit shall be issued by the TRC; however, no permit for any use requiring a major
site plan may be issued without proof of TRC review and approval.