Henderson County Planning Director
Powers and Duties Pursuant to This Chapter. The Planning Director shall have the following duties with
respect to this Chapter, to be carried out in accordance with the terms of this Chapter:
Administrative Amendments. To initiate administrative amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
and draft any administrative amendment proposed by any individual or agency.
Substantive Amendments. To initiate substantive amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.
Text Amendments. To initiate text amendments to this Chapter. 
Map Amendments. To initiate map amendments to the Official Zoning Map.
Statutory Vested Rights. To administer the provisions of this Chapter relating to Vested Rights for
which he/she is the approving official. 
Staff Support. To provide staff support, reports and recommendations to the Planning Board and
to the Board of Commissioners on planning and land development issues.
Membership on the Technical Review Committee. To serve as a member and Chair of the
Technical Review Committee.
Subdivision Administrator. To serve as the Subdivision Administrator.
Maintenance of Official Copies. To maintain the official copy of the land development code,
zoning map, watershed map and other such records and official materials as may relate to the
adoption, amendment, enforcement or administration of this Chapter.
(10) Additional Powers and Duties. Such additional powers and duties as may be set forth for the
Planning Director elsewhere in this Chapter and in other laws and regulations