Henderson County Manufactured Home Park Administrator
Powers and Duties Pursuant to This Chapter. The Manufactured Home Park Administrator shall have the
following duties with respect to this Chapter, to be carried out in accordance with the terms of this Chapter:
Interpretation. To interpret the terms and provisions of this Chapter related to manufactured home
Enforcement. To enforce the provisions of this Chapter including properly investigating
complaints from persons who allege that violations of this Chapter have occurred and initiating
appropriate action as necessary to prevent, enjoin, abate or remove any violations found. The
Manufactured Home Park Administrator, or his/her duly authorized representative, may enter any
building, structure or premises, as provided by law, to perform any duty imposed upon him/her by
this Chapter.
Manufactured Home Park Site Plan Review. To review manufactured home park site plans and
make recommendations to the Technical Review Committee for final action thereon;
Manufactured Home Park Construction Permits. To grant manufactured home park construction
permits as authorized by this Chapter.
Manufactured Home Park Completion of Improvements Permits. To grant manufactured home
park completion of improvements permit as authorized by this Chapter.
Additional Powers and Duties. Such additional powers and duties as may be set forth for the
Manufactured Home Park Administrator elsewhere in this Chapter and in other laws and
Appointment. The Zoning Administrator shall serve as the Manufactured Home Park Administrator.