§42-295.  Nonconforming Lots
Improvement, Alteration, Expansion or Erection of a Structure on a Nonconforming Lot. Any
improvement, alteration, expansion or erection of a structure on a nonconforming lot shall comply with all
other minimum requirements of this Chapter for the structure/use or a variance from these requirements
must be obtained. 
Maintenance, Required Alteration or Remodeling of a Structure on a Nonconforming Lot. Maintenance,
alteration or remodeling of structures, as required by any public law and so ordered by a public officer in
authority, shall be permitted. Routine maintenance shall be permitted where no expansion of nonconformity
occurs as a result of the maintenance.
Combining and Recombining Lots. Any nonconforming lot which adjoins one or more other lots in the
same ownership should be combined or recombined as possible to form a conforming lot or lots. 
Water Supply Watershed Requirements. A nonconforming lot shall not be subject to the development
restrictions of Article VIII Subpart B (Water Quality) subparts related thereto where developed for single-
family residential purposes.