The purpose of this Article is to establish regulations which govern uses, structures, lots and other circumstances
which came into being lawfully, but that do not conform to one or more requirements of this Chapter. Such
nonconformities could have been created by the adoption of this Chapter, prior adoption of other ordinances carried
forth in this Chapter, or change in the classification of property or change in the text of this Chapter. Any
nonconforming use, structure or lot which lawfully existed as of the effective date of this Chapter and that remains
nonconforming may be continued only in accordance with the terms of this Article. Any use, structure or lot which
has become nonconforming as a result of the adoption of this Chapter or any subsequent amendment to the text of
this Chapter or Official Zoning Map, may be continued or maintained only in accordance with the terms of this
Article. As used in this Article the term, "effective date of this Chapter, or any amendment thereto," refers to the
date of the Chapter/Ordinance which first rendered a use, structure or lot nonconforming.